11 Things To Avoid In Your Relationship

11 Things To Avoid In Your Relationship
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Building a successful relationship that will withstand the test of time is something many people have constantly dream of having. To build a successful relationship, there are many things to avoid and run away from from both party.
In this content, I will be highlighting 11 things to avoid in your relationship. These are things many people know about but don’t know how to avoid them in their relationship. Let me tell you, these things that will be highlighted in this post have brought many promising relationships down and made some people lose their best friends who would have being a blessing in their lives.
Let’s carefully look at these things that should be avoided in relationship:
1. Pride: This might seen insignificant, but many people have lost their partner because of their pride and hurtful nature of life. Being proud might seem to be a normal thing to you, but one thing you must consider is the next people in your ‘life.’
2. Blaming: Honestly, blame games is a turn off to some people. In fact, there are people who can’t withstand anyone who blames them in everything. This has ruined many promising relationships.
3. Criticism: Why do you always criticise your partner in everything? Let me tell you for sure, there are ladies and young men who hate criticism especially, in their relationship. Therefore, before you said you have been served a “breakfast”, look inward and see if you are someone who criticises your partner in everything he or she do.
4. Disrespect: In fact, I don’t think there’s anyone who love to be disrespected. In your relationship, one vices that must be voided is the act of disrespecting your partner. You cannot disrespect him/her and expect him/her to be loyal to you, NEVER!
5. Dishonesty: Yes, some people are not honest in their relationship and this is a turn off. Dishonesty is one of the things that must be avoided in your relationship. \it has ruined and still ruining many relationship and marriages.
6. Judgement: Oh, how do you feel when you’re judged in everything that happened in your relationship? I don’t think this go down well. This is one of the things that must be avoided by all means in your relationship.
7. Lack of priorities: I have actually seen someone said he will never be in any relationship without priorities. Believe me, no one want to be in a relationship where priorities are not set. It must be defined and followed.

8. Ignoring problems: You can’t run away from your shadow. Problems are meant to be solved and not ignored. In your relationship, one of the things that will clearly defined the kind of person is the way you handle problems that will occur. Ignoring problem in your relationship is something you must avoid at all cost.
9. Expecting perfection: Never ever expect your partner to be perfect. In fact, I could remember my partner telling me that she’s “not a good wife material.” This sounds funny right? Yes. This was to tell me that I shouldn’t expect perfection from her. We are human and mistakes are bound to happen in our relationships and marriage. Even you, you are never perfect so why expecting someone to be what you are not. Please, by all means, avoid expecting perfection in your relationship.
10. Repeating the same mistakes: In as must as we are not perfect, one thing we must try to learn to never to repeat the same mistake. Whenever you make a mistake, do well to learn from it. Repeating the same mistake means you’re not teachable and observant.
11. Comparing your relationship to others: This last one has ruined many promising relationship. No two people are the same, therefore, it’s very wrong to compare your partner with another. Learn to dwell in his/her strength and avoid her weaknesses. Never compare him/her with another person. Build your relationship the way you want it to be. Have your own template and never borrow someone’s else because, it will never work no matter how your try


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