19 qualities every man need in an ideal wife

19 qualities every man need in an ideal wife

Marriage is one of the union set by the Creator. The purpose perhaps are endless as many couple married for different reasons. Though, the original plans are for companionship and procreation.

For every man who wishes to get married to a lady, there are different qualities he look out for in a lady. Each of these qualities are very unique to every man.

For example, a man who is short tempered will not wish to marry a woman who is also short tempered, so they will always go for a woman who will be patient with them during their time of ‘madness’.

Every man need a woman who is creative, romantic, sexy, hot in bed, sensitive, respectful, friendly and so much more that can be used to describe a good and ideal wife.

Many marriages have ended because the wife is intolerant, disrespectful, excessive nagging,  secretive when she ought to be open, not romantic in bed and some other things which are turned off to a man. Though, the reasons for divorce varies from one home to the other.

In this post, I will highlight, maybe, 19 qualities every man need in an ideal wife. You don’t just go out and pick up a woman on the road for a wife, rather, you need time to understudy her to ascertain the compatibility between both of you.

Let’s go down with the topic and highlights of things men need in a woman before getting married to man.

1. Friendliness:

Every man look at for a wife who will be friendly to people around the neighborhood and her home. No man need an antagonistic woman as a wife. Hostility is not part of the qualities of an ideal wife.

2. Openness to her husband at all times:

What’s the essence of keeping things to yourself when you have your husband to share your burdens with? Even though the man may not be able to solve such problem, he still want his wife to tell him what’s bothering her. Like they said; “Problem shared is half solved.”

3. Respect to her husband:

Respect is one of the important qualities a man need in his ideal wife. No matter the status of the wife in the society, every man still need his wife to be respectful and submissive. Disrespectful women are no go area for most men.

4. Love, Affections and Compassion:

Men love loving, affectionate and compassionate women. So these three qualities summed up what men need as ideal wife.

5. Sensitive to things that concerns her home:

Sensitivity is one of the important thing that should not be neglected by everyone. Men wants women who will be able to know when things are going wrong in the life of their husbands. An ideal wife must be able to discern when her husband need them and they go all out in making their husband happy.

6. Prayerful and devotion to God:

Many men look out for a praying wife. Men are wired to be always on the go, therefore, they need women who would stand in prayers for them.

7. Accommodating and hospitality:

A good wife is someone who will be ready to accommodate other people even though they are not part of the family. She must always display hospitality to people. This makes most men proud because their wives makes things happen for them.

8. Fearless and bold:

Personally, I want my wife to be a fearless type. A woman who will not be afraid to tell me when I’m going the wrong path. She have to be fearless and bold at all times but everything must be done with respect and considerations.

9. Remain positive for her husband and home:

This is one of the important thing every man look at for. An ideal wife should be able to know that challenges will come in the home. She will be able to remain positive to her husband in dark times without showing the whole world the weakness of her husband.

10. Creative in bed:

Naturally, women are created to be creative especially in bed. So men wants that woman who will bring out the best of him in bed. Women are naturally initiators of sex styles, this makes most men to look out for this in their ideal wives. But remember that “Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” Hebrews 13:4.

11. Celebrates her husband’s win:

Some men see this as important thing they need in their ideal wife before marriage. Though, some men don’t also want their wives to blow trumpet to the world, but men wants their ideal wives to celebrate their achievements. This can be done in the house between both of them.

12. She will be romantic:

Men wants their women to be romantic in their dressings, especially, when they’re in the house. This triggers men to think outside the box for their partners. My ideal wife should be able to wear bum shorts and things that will show her natural beauty whenever we’re at home but she shouldn’t take this outside, though. (🤣)

13. Brings out the best in her husband:

Do you know that women are great thinkers and innovators of ideas?

Every man want an ideal wife who will bring out the best in him without disrespecting him. Bringing out the best could be in business, career, family or personal life. Honestly, this is one of the qualities of my ideal wife.

14. Communicates effectively:

An ideal wife should know how to communicate effectively with her husband and other people. Men are always proud when their wives are at the forefront of events.

15. Doesn’t infringe in her husband’s personal space:

Some men want to maintain the private space without anyone infringing into it. This makes them to look out for an ideal wife who fits into that category.

16. A good problem solver:

Having a problem solving wife is a great advantage to a man. Like I said earlier, women are naturally problem solvers. Therefore, getting a wife who is good at this is a great source of happiness to a man.

17. Husband’s best friend:

A man wants that woman who will be his number one true friend and fan. Being the opposite has ruined many homes and also led many to their early doom.

19. Gossip mate:

Are you surprised at this?

Please don’t be. A man wants that woman who will be ready to tell stories of things around. Forgive me to say, women are naturally gossipers and men are naturally listeners, so men wants women that will always tell them stories they will listen to.

This is a trait of my ideal wife. I can talk intimately, so I want my wife to be there to gossip with me.

Conclusively, there are many qualities men need in their ideal wives which is not limited to the ones above. You must discover what you need in a woman and go for it. Bear in mind that we have many women who will fit into what you need as ideal wife.


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