24 Habits That Will Keep You Poor in 2024

24 Habits That Will Keep You Poor in 2024

There are many Habits that can keep you poor in the coming year if you fail to change and keep yourself in check.

In this article, we will look at 24 Habits That Will Keep You Poor in 2024:

1. Spending without a budget
2. Regularly eating out
3. Buying designer clothes instead of regular ones
4. Constantly upgrading to the latest iPhone
5. Driving, taking a taxi/Uber for trek-able trips
6. Buying lottery tickets/sports betting
7. Smoking
8. Doing hard drugs
9. Alcoholism (different from moderate drinking)
10. Laundering your clothes instead of washing them yourself
11. Buying on impulse
12. Buying bottled water instead of a water filterer
13. Buying things you don’t need because they are on sale
14. Buying coffee or tea at shops instead of making yours at home
15. Overeating
16. Overgenerosity
17. Patronising pornographic websites
18. Borrowing from banks to spend on consumption rather than production
19. Gambling
20. Buying apps when you can use them for free during a free trial
21. Womanising
22. Keeping up with your neighbours
23. Using internet data to gossip and idle away rather than to make money
24. Lending friends money instead of giving them what you can afford. Less than 25% will repay.



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