30 content ideas for fashionistas, tailors, and seamstresses

30 content ideas for fashionistas, tailors, and seamstresses

Business coach and author, Emeka Nobis, explains 30 content ideas for fashionistas, tailors, and seamstresses.

Below is what he posted on his social media page:

“Sadly, what I see most tailors and seamstresses do here goes like this.

Make a dress.
Snap it on their body or mannequin.
Post picture, either flashing teeth or showing body.

It’s a cycle that is drab, unentertaining and doesn’t connect deeply with a certain segment yearning for depth, process, emotional connection and that have the money to pay.

Before I share the content ideas, let me drop these few foundational elements to take a look at.

– Your bio must be done excellently with a specificity. Something like, “Tailor | Our dresses at Boss Chic Stitches transform plus size cosmopolitan women into dazzling damsels that turn heads in any room.”

“When we style you at Sizzlers Fashionistas every event you walk in, you’ll seize attention strongly.”

Do NOT have a weak bio!

– Invest in a good smartphone if you can’t afford a pro camera. A great smartphone is am asset, not a liability. Your business is the business of visuals. Visuals speak 1000 words even before a word.

– Clean up your social media space. You’re not a clown, so tone down on the skits. You’re not a pastor, so tone down on the vigils posts. You’re not a politician, so tone down on the rants. Let 80% of the content on your social media spaces show an overwhelming focus on your mission to clothe people in dazzling pieces.

That said, let’s dive into it.

1. Take a picture of you measuring someone. This shapes perception of you with regards to what you do.

2. Tell us how you get your inspirations for designs. Do you get them while praying? Tell us. Do you get them while in the toilet? Tell us. Church, travelling, sex or vacationing? Tell us.

3. Take a dress you’ve done and explain how you went about the design, the process and the making.

4. Take a snapshot of your notebook where you draft your designs. We want to see your rough and raw sketches.

5. Get a friend to hold your phone and do a video of you in the market buying fabrics. Let’s see your hassles with Mama Iyaloja at Balogun Market. We’ll love to see such. If you’ve got money, hire a pro, but a smartphone with amazing picture quality done in landscape can suffice.

6. Teach us how to note good fabrics. Even if we didn’t buy from you, we all hate buying fabric that you wash and it fades the next day.

7. Lie down, take a picture of your head staring at the ceiling, thinking about fabrics and designs. Give us an inroad into the craziness going on in your head to produce a beautiful design.

8. Post customer’s positive feedback concerning your apparel. Don’t just with those WhatsApp messages of satisfaction from your clients. Ask their permission and in some cases, you can blur personal details. You can ask your clients to do video reviews wearing the dresses. Yes, asking cam have magical responses.

9. Post a collage/montage of customers adorning your dresses. Not mannequins.

10. Tell us about body art and body sculpture. All we know about tailoring is “stand, measure and sew.” Can we understand a bit about how body art has an impact on the clothes we wear?

11. Tell us about colour mixes. People who wear purple shirt, green trousers and yellow socks think that’s trendy, but they don’t know.

12. Post abstracts – your machines, hands at work, needle movements, your legs at work, your eyes focused on achieving perfection, your scissors cutting through fabric.

13. Show us an array of your tool box and the accessories you use to make clothes.

14. Take a tool you use and write a love poem about it. You can write love poems about your needle, sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape.

15. Share a negative review you got and how you reached out to turn it around for good.

16. Share the mistakes you’ve made – shoulder pad misplaced, zip done badly, waist size that became baggy, colours mismatched.

17. Give us an insight into your process – how you prospect, how you measure, how you book a client, how many days you make the clothes, and delivery to the customer. When you do these, we see you as an excellent businessperson worthy of being hired. You differentiate yourself from the idiots who are always giving people high BP during seasons like Christmas.

18. Tell us problems you’ve encountered during your journey as a tailor – customer antics, abuses by customers, dumped clothes, refusal to pay balance, and all sorts. Let’s laugh with you at the pains of the past and learn.

19. Do a merger video – cutting pieces, sewing them, and final production. Using a feature like boomerang makes this beautiful to look at.

19. Take a picture of scrap pieces leftover from making clothes and tell us how such scattered pieces come together to form the beauty we wear on our bodies. From cuts to beauty.

20. Share with your dreams and desires. How you want to be the best in the world and have outlets all over the world. Your dreams are valid. You never can tell who is watching. You can get a benefactor by doing so. Be shameless

21. Take snapshots of housemates’ clothes at BBNaija show or any of the popular shows like AMVCA. Yes, you may be Christian and condemn the show, but close your eyes to the “ikwokirikwo” on the bed and see the clothes housemates are wearing. Be descriptive about the clothes, tweak, design and sew. They’re trending, tap into the flow.

22. Talk about how you get inspiration in church when you see what people are wearing to church. You don’t need to take pictures of people, but snapshots of dress fringes cam serve as amazing illustrations.

23. Remember that you can serve other tailors and people who need your services. There are questions they are asking. Take a day and give valid answers to FAQ by people. Remember to document your answers. They can form an ebook that makes money for you.

24. Interview people. Yes, clothes affect how we live. Bright clothes affect our emotions as well as dull colours. Someone like me has to wear clothes that boost my confidence as a public speaker. You can interview people and their divulgence go a long way to understand what makes body art and the import of making clothes.

25. Go live and review a great book that you’ve read. Your life isn’t just around the sewing machine. We need to know you’re not dumb and that you read books to better your understanding of culture, humans, and the world we live in.

26. Share an inspiring quote. Something like, “Your boyfriend broke your heart? Clothes can lift your spirit!” Omo, is a motivational speaker something.

27. Share fun facts about you. Do you steal into the fridge at 3 AM? Do you use only black pens? Do you eat bread with egusi soup? Do you love kissing your partners hair during lovemaking? Let us know!

28. Go Facebook or Instagram live and let’s see your sweet face. Share an experience from a satisfied client. Share your pains about the economy affecting your business. Share how your day went. Teach something. Let’s connect your vibe in person, though virtually.

29. If you’ve got a shop with a signpost, get to the front of it, raise your hands in excitement, and let someone take a picture from down up, showing your signpost. It’s a journey of success.

30. Connect with a celebrity or influencer you know. This can take some work, but it’s doable. Make 5 nice clothes for him or her and schedule to move around with him or her on chosen days. Get your photographer ready to follow around. It could be church, meetings or club. Your photographer must be very creative to take pictures at different angles. 200 snapshots on different days that are creatively done can provide content for 6 months.”

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