6 activities you can engage in on Valentine’s Day

6 activities you can engage in on Valentine’s Day

By: Caleb Elochukwu…

The Valentine’s Day celebrations are here again. February 14th is usually filled with a plethora of pleasurable activities in celebration of LOVE all over the world.

However, one of the stigmas associated with Valentine’s Day is the obnoxious activities that accompany it too, especially among the young ones. As a result, many persons resort to isolating themselves from everything associated with gal because of the preposterous celebrations associated with it.

“When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.” The context of LOVE in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated has been long eroded by contemporary societal values that are predicated on immoral bases.

Today, true love is almost a byword among many young people who are in relationships, lust, abuse, illicit sexual relationships, and all associated consequences pervade this day because what many celebrate is “erotic love.” It is quite perturbing!

Many single young people cave into these ungodly acts because of societal and peer pressures among other factors. But there are numerous things you can do on February 14th without losing your moral convictions.
Some of them are enumerated below for your perusal and application.

1. Live Your Life As Before:

This is probably the first and most important thing to understand. You had a life before today and life will continue after today.

Do you know that death rates increase astronomically over the globe as a result of vices associated with Valentine’s Day?

Many young people lose their lives because they “want to belong.” It will not be beneficial to accept any kind of a person into your life today because you want to have a feeling and taste of valentine. You must be wary of who comes around you.

Go about your normal activities as you have always done, hold on to your convictions like before. February 14th does not change anything, life goes on. You can save your life from unnecessary troubles if you live today like nothing is happening or has happened.

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2. Practice Self-Love:

Love is the reason for Valentine’s Day right? It is a celebration between two lovers in a relationship. It is also a time of extending love to dear friends and family even. Unfortunately, many people are in a relationship with everyone but themselves! This is one of the reasons there are emotional and sexual abuses as reported in many climes of the world.

Low self-esteem is usually responsible and in a bid to suppress that feeling, many allow themselves to be abused by those who do not love them. Of course one of the consequences of low-self esteem is depression which leads to emotional traumas and even death.

Today, avoid low self-esteem, rather practice love. Use today as an opportunity to discover yourself and appreciate yourself for who you are and what you represent. Treat yourself to something that will make you feel nice and adorable. You cannot love others successfully until you have loved yourself. This is the time to remind yourself of your uniqueness and exceptional abilities. To love one’s self is the beginning of true love.

3. Read Books Or See Good Movies:
A good book can be your friend and lover today. Reading is healthy for the mind can improve your life tremendously. Today while others are filling themselves with “assorted drinks and foods”, you can seize it as an opportunity to fill your minds with positivity. After today, the knowledge you gain from reading a particular book may come in handy for you tomorrow.

The best book you should read today is the Bible. The Bible contains the details of agape love, the God-kind of love. Make sure that you read at least a chapter of your Bible today. There are other enlightening books you can read on the subject of love, to understand the true essence of love.

If reading is boring, then you can resort to seeing good movies aimed at teaching you one or two vital lessons about love and life generally. You can maximize February 14th to improve the quality of your life while others are “hanging out” purposelessly.

6 activities you can engage in on Valentine’s Day
                    Credit: Tonye Briggs

4. Attend Seminars, Webinars or Conferences:
Instead of going to parties at different clubs, lodging in different hotels with different men/women, engaging in sexual orgies etc., you can attend seminars and conferences for the improvement of your life.

Look around you, search online, in your local church, professional organization, department, school etc., you will find many well-meaning conferences and seminars/webinars organized by thoughtful leaders today to enlighten you on pertinent matters of life, especially with regards to love and valentine.

Go and expose yourself to relevant knowledge instead of irrelevant activities. While others are immersing themselves in bottles of alcohol, seize today as an opportunity to immerse yourself in new things that you will learn as you find one event organised locally or online to attend.

Beyond, the knowledge you will acquire, conferences have proven to be one of the means to establish meaningful relationships. People have found their spouses, helpers, mentors, friends etc. by attending meaningful conferences.

Remember, your association determines your destination. In the hotels and parties, you will hardly find good associations rather pernicious associations but in meaningful conferences, you are certain to connect with meaningful friends. “Birds of a feather flock together.”

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5. Engage in Social Impact Projects:
There are a lot of activities you can engage in today to ensure that you communicate love to people today.

You can organize a webinar, talk show, group discussions etc. to sensitize young people around you about love and the dangers of celebrating valentine ungodly. The truth is many young persons are harmed today because they are ignorant, which is the requisite for destruction whereas knowledge can keep one in safety.

You can enlighten them on the necessity of avoiding sexual immorality today, the consequences of engaging in vicious acts, maintaining their integrity etc. You do realize how many souls you can save from death by doing this!

Go out on the streets, you will find the needy. Those deserve all manner of love.
Find them and plant a smile on their faces today by making them feel loved.

Little acts of kindness can go a long way to do some magic beyond mere words.
Remember, the best life is living to affect others in positive ways.

6. Have enough sleep:
Perhaps you are the busy type and today allows you to have some respite, do not squander it, please.

Sleep is very good and healthy for the body, unfortunately, the busyness of life hinders most persons from getting enough sleep. Holidays such as Valentine grants people the opportunity to recuperate.

You can stay home today and enjoy yourself in bed by wrapping yourself in a good duvet. Get as much sleep as you can and allow your body to recover from many stressful activities.

After today, who knows when next you will get such an open opportunity again?
Have good rest, engage in mind-relieving activities, allow yourself to be in a rest mode. It is beneficial for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Summarily, instead of doing harmful things and exposing yourself to danger today, you can avoid it. Man is a pleasurable being and can go to any extent to satisfy his pleasurable cravings.

Extreme pleasure is not good for the body, mind and spirit though! Today, “Love is in the air” but do not allow the wrong reasons for which many persons celebrate to coerce you into demeaning activities.

Above all, this is true love “Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbour as yourself.” Within this, you are permitted to express your love unrestricted but anything other than this can be inimical to your general well being.


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