6 Foods Every Woman Should Avoid During Menstruation

6 Foods Every Woman Should Avoid During Menstruation

Menstruation, or period, is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a woman’s monthly cycle. Every month, your body prepares for pregnancy. If no pregnancy occurs, the uterus, or womb, sheds its lining. The menstrual blood is partly blood and partly tissue from inside the uterus.

Some women tend to experience certain symptoms during their menstrual period. A health publication from HEALTHLINE makes it clear that menstrual period is usually accompanied by pains, due to the contractions of the uterus, as a result of the production of prostaglandin.

However, some foods can help to relieve those symptoms while others tend to worsen the symptoms. If you’ve been looking for a way out on how to get relieved from the symptoms that comes during your menstrual period, this article will be revealing the foods you should avoid, in line with a health publication from HEALTHLINE.

Foods Every Woman Should Avoid During Your Menstruation:

1. SALT:

Consuming excess salt can lead to water retention and bloating during your menstrual period. It is advisable that you avoid adding salt to your foods throughout your period – it will help to reduce bloating


Although eating sugar in moderation is healthy, it can cause a sudden increase in your energy which is followed by a sudden decrease. Hence, it worsens you mood. It can help you to get relieved of moodiness, anxiety and depression during menstruation.


In general some people may find spicy foods uncomfortable as it upsets their stomach. This burning sensation might worsen the pains you experienced.


One of the causes of pain during menstruation is that your body produces a chemical called prostaglandin – this chemical tightens the lining of your uterus and causes pains for you.

Although red meat is a healthy food, it should be avoided throughout your period as it contains prostaglandin.


Caffeine, the major ingredients in coffee can also lead to water retention and bloating when consumed; It tends to worsen headaches. It is advisable to take it minimally as total withdrawal might also lead to headaches.


Alcohol can worsen the symptoms of your period. It can lead to dehydration which might worsen headaches and cause bloating.


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