6 Habit that MUST not follow you into marriage

6 Habit that MUST not follow you into marriage

Below are some of the important habits and things that must not follow you into marriage:

#Heartconfessions 1:

That habit of transferring old things from one generation to another must die with you.

Old towels.
Old shoes.
Old pants.
Old socks.
Old bra.
Old boxers.

Some of you even have Old perfume containers from 1960, you are just doing refill each time because of yohr love for the container.

Let it go.

Let the old things breeef!

Old underwear that has turned red under.

Old boxers that are torn beyond repair. You think you can wear it and no one will know, let me tell you, God knows, and God loves excellence.

That’s how many of you carry badluck into marriage.

Should ties and other things, because you can’t let of of the boxers your ex bought for you.

Burn those things please, or give them out.

Old slippers.
Old sponge.

Burn them!!!!!!

See you see badluck!

#Heartconfessions 2:

Learn good bathroom habits please.

Some of you bath like a shark, splashing foam and disgusting soapy water all over the bathroom wall,  and you expect your future spouse to love you for who you are, who are you?

Learn some good bathroom habits.

Both genders please.

Some men can use the same towel for weeks without washing it, or sunning it at least, you just squeeze the water out and use, then you wonder why no woman takes you serious with your body odour, please sir, help your destiny.

Some ladies , if you check their soap holder, you can’t tell the brand of soap existing there, lux, joy, Eva, karowhite, in small small pieces, very nasty to the eyes, and you want to marry a man with an excellent spirit.

Leaving bath water in the bucket after taking your bath is the worst, who are you leaving it for? For who to continue from where you stop, all that armpit water? Learn how to tidy up please.

Yes we will look you for who you are, but please make it easier to be loved.

#Heartconfessions 3:

I will just keep this one simple.

I hope you know you are expected to buy new things when you are going into marriage?

I mean, plan to buy new sets of underwear for your wedding night, new sets of sponge and soap.

Don’t present the same pant you have been wearing for 12 years to the son of man on your wedding night.

Plan for new things please.

Clean up, shave every area shaveable.

Get new night gowns.

Men plan to buy the regular men’s sleeping gear, I know you are used to tying wrapper to sleep, but adjust those habits please.

First impressions on your wedding nights are so important. Get nice night outfits, and flip-flops.

Change your shaving stick! That one that won’t work until you blow breeze.

The wedding night is not a place to make your spouse regret marrying you.

#Heartconfessions 4:

Clean up your circle!

If you are waiting on God for marriage start cleaning up your circle!

Some friends are not meant to follow you into your next level, clean up.

Use wisdom to create the distance, I’m talking about friends you know fully well are poisoning to your marriage.

Your enemy is not in the village, sometimes they are closer than you think.

Do a review of of your circle, can you count on the friends you have now?

To counsel you.
To stand in the gap for you in prayers?
To encourage you in your down times?

Please select friends that represent where you are going.

Many of you are claiming supernatural marriage by yourself, but your close friends are opposites of what your beliefs are. How can you have the supernatural? When you don’t have a system that supports it.

Start surrounding yourself with people who resemble where you are going.

Reason why you fall for the wrong people anyway, because you hang out with folks that attract the opposite of what God has destined for you.

#Heartconfessions 5:

Start working on your INDEPENDENCE from family.

That mummy’s boy attitude should end as a single.

That daddy’s girl mindset should stop as soon as you find a good man.

But don’t wait until then because it’s going to be difficult to detach from your family.

Start now!

I mean, if you are the type that your family is still controlling you;
Deciding what you do with your money.
What kind of job you should do.
You dont have a say of your own.

My daddy this, my mommy that.

Stop it, because that will be the very foundation that will break your marriage real fast.

Work on your independence from undue family influences.

Stop joining family gossips so they wont gossip you.

Stop having a say in the marriages of others in the family so they won’t have a say in yours.

Learn to keep things to yourself.

Learn independence.

Many wait to enforce this in marriage,  sadly by that time the damage is already too deep for any boundaries to be created without offending any party.

Independent decisions!
Independent finances.

Some of you cannot do anything without your family decisions for you.

Start now!!!

Have you heard me?

#Heartconfessions 6:

AKAGUM (Stinginess) should end in marriage.

Some of you are solid “akagum,” very stingy human being, nobody can eat your shishi.

You don’t give, always want to be at the receiving end.

I know, your plan is when you get married you will be giving to your spouse.

Let me tell it to your face, it’s a big lie.

Stinginess is contant!

I mean, akagum is akagum!

If you don’t give while single, you won’t give while married.

Have you ever promised you will give more money when your salary rises? Guess what, you got that increment, but you still didn’t give. Infact that was the time you had more demands on your money that you didn’t think about honouring your promise.

It’s the same.

If you are not a giver now, you may give while married, but your giving will be out of responsibility to your spouse, not out of love.

Your wife may not complain about money for the up keep of the house, but you can go one year without buying her chewing gum or a gift, because you are stingy.

Work on it please.

That attitude is bad.

Start practicing giving with your parents, friends, neighbours, colleagues,  strangers.

Practice with your sisters, give to them for no reason.

Practice with your brothers, buy them stuff for no reason.

The goal is to overcome the dominion money has over you, and to see giving as normal, because you are akagum!

By Allison Hyacintho


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