Biography of David Ibiyeomie: Wife, age, net worth, cars, houses, books and quotes

Biography of David Ibiyeomie: Wife, age, net worth, cars, houses, books and quotes

David Ibiyeomie was born on October 21st, 1962 in Bonny Island in the present Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State in Nigeria while his late dad was in the administration of previous Shell B.P. His parents are indigenes of Bolo Town in the present Ogu/Bolo Local Area of Rivers State in Nigeria.

In this article, we will look at the biography/profile of Pastor David Ibiyeomie: wife, age, net worth, cars, private jet, houses, books and quotes

David Ibiyeomie Profile:

David Ibiyeomie began his primary education at Banham Primary School, Aggrey Road, Port Harcourt from the time of 1969 to 1974 and later continued to Government Comprehensive Secondary School at Borikiri in Port Harcourt from 1974 to 1979. In 1980, he was given admission into the Rivers State University of Science and Technology Port Harcourt to read Micro-Biology.

Real name David Ibiyeomie
Date of birth  21 October 1962
Country of Origin Federal Republic of Nigeria
Net worth $41m – ₦18.8 Billion
Wife Peace Ibiyeomie
Children David Ibiyeomie Jnr

David Ibiyeomie got born-again in 1995; he found his heavenly calling in 1995. He was coached and mentored  by the founder and General overseer of the Living Faith CHurch, popularly known as inners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo. He went to full-time Bible School at the Word of Faith Bible Institute, an arm of Pastor David Oyedepo’s services in 1996. Over the span of his preparation, he was significantly impacted by Bishop Oyedepo’s guidelines.

After his Bible School at Bishop Oyedepo’s Word of Faith Bible Institute, David Ibiyeomie began a house fellowship with his family at 1689B, Buraimo Kenku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

He later moved to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, explicitly G.R.A., Port Harcourt. Accordingly, Salvation Ministries (Glorious Chapel) began on April 13, 1997, at Plot 35, Birabi Street, G.R.A. Stage 1, Port Harcourt with somewhat more than twenty (20) people participating including himself and his significant other.

The Church, in July 1999, migrated from Plot 35, Birabi to Plot 17, Birabi Street (the current spot) in G.R.A Port Harcourt, presently allegedly worth over N1.5billion. Because of the truly flooding swarm, the love place which is presently a super church would before long migrate to its new site with a best-in-class engineering work of art-house of God and howdy tech offices, at Igwuruta, along International Airport Road, Port Harcourt. The limit of the basilica, as per the service, will be among the biggest on the planet and is written at N5 billion closed by different offices.

David Ibiyeomie wife:

Pastor David Ibiyeomie is married to Peace Ibiyeomie and their marriage is blessed a lovely son, David Ibiyeomie Junior.

David Ibiyeomie Net Worth

The exceptionally famous minister, who is additionally one of the richest Pastors in Nigeria, started the congregation in 1997. Today, it is one of the quickest developing services with more than thirty branches in various pieces of the world. According to different online sources, David Ibiyeomie is assessed to be worth N1. 5 billion.

David Ibiyeomie is presently rated with an estimated net worth of $41 million – ₦18.8 Billion (unverified estimation).

David Ibiyeomie Cars:

Pastor David Ibiyeomie has different fleets of cars in his garage, which include:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Limousine
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes Benz, etc.

David Ibiyeomie private jet:

There are many online sources that claimed that Pastor David Ibiyeomie has his own private jet, but we can not authenticate the claim.

David Ibiyeomie Books:

Aside from his Television Ministry, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has also authored several books. He is one of the most respected authorities in Success, Excellence, Divine Health, Prosperity and The Holy Spirit, having authored over 55 books with best sellers. Some of his best selling books include:
  • The Power Of Vision
  • Walking In Divine Health
  • How To Come Out Of Debt
  • Time To Make News
  • Power In The Name Of Jesus
  • Touch Of Excellence
  • Holy Spirit My Helper
  • Business Secrets
  • Six Steps To Multiplication
  • Touch Of Excellence
  • See You At The Top
  • Wonder Of His Grace
  • Recovering Your Inheritance
  • Power Of Small Beginning
  • The Prosperous Family
  • Miracle Hands
  • Living Without Financial Pressure
  • Releasing Your Destiny
  • Created For Distinction
  • Unlimited Success
  • Wisdom For Family Peace
  • Secrets For Generational Impact
  • How To Get Married
  • The Pathway To Greatness
  • Succeeding With Challenges … among others.

50 powerful quotes of Pastor David Ibiyeomie:

1. “Love-motivated giving is the covenant gateway to Kingdom prosperity.”
2. “When you operate with the law of love, God will make you a living wonder on earth.”
3. “Giving is a sign that you have conquered greed.”
4. “Those who truly love God don’t lack ideas. They flow in supernatural revelations.”
5. “Obedience to God’s word will shorten the distance to any miracle you are seeking.”
6. “It does not take a century, it takes light. It does not take time, it takes the truth. Time does not bring change; only the truth does.”
7. “Mockery is one of the last steps before any promotion can come.” 8. “Develop yourself with the time you have now to make something meaningful out of the next opportunity.”
9. Grace does not encourage laziness and folding of arms. Grace without labor is frustration.”
10. “Until you apply pressure on yourself, you can never be successful.”
11. “Don’t look for cheap money. There is no money anyone can give to you that can ever bring you out of poverty until you are able to work it out yourself.”
12 “No physical or intellectual approach can solve spiritual problems.”
13. “When you praise God, He punishes the wicked to polish your life.”
14. “It is high praise coupled with strange dance that provokes divine interventions.”
15. “The desire to be rich or poor is yours. prosperity and poverty are governed by laws.”
16. “The day you begin to see poverty, it means you ate the seed you were supposed to plant.”
17. “. Poverty and prosperity are not by accident. There is no accidental success.”
18. ” If you don’t follow the rules, you will be borrowing. Rules have no respect for anointing.”
19. “When you give God praise, He causes things to move for you to take over.”
20. “. You are not dancing for people to see but for God to be pleased.”
21. “You need to praise God with understanding. The level of understanding you have will determine the kind of result you will get.”
22. “All you need to do is to give God high praise for you to get your high place.”
23. “. If God does not advertise you, nobody will patronise you.”
24. “If you want to be a high-flier as a child of God, then give God high praise. It is High praises that make high-fliers.”
25. “God is not prayer, He answers prayers. God is not miracles, He is a miracle-working God. He is not a word of knowledge, He is not signs and wonders. God is love.”
26. “When you are a lover of God, you become a wonder on earth.”
27. “If God’s love is not demonstrated through us, nobody will value our Christianity.”
28. “If you always seek your own interests first, you can’t manifest God’s kind of love.”
29. “When God’s love dominates you, you will not pay attention to what wrong people have done to you.”
30. “If you don’t walk in love, you will die early. Bitterness makes your destiny embittered.”
31. “Forgiveness becomes easy when you have a revelation of the love of God.”
32. “You want a speedy response from God? Don’t sing love; walk in love.”
33. “The love of God in the heart of men is the anchor law of success.”
34. “Anything you love more than God has placed a limit on your destiny and makes you an idolater.”
35. “There are three forces that rule destiny: faith, hope and love. The greatest of these three is love.”
36. “When God is in you, the manifestation of his presence delivers instant results.”
37.. “There is nothing unique about any man, it is his understanding of God that enhances his placement in life.”
38. “Never justify what is not scriptural. The truth may be temporarily painful but it is permanently gainful.”
39. “Outstanding Success is your birthright but the Love of God is the gateway to express the fullness of it.”
40. “That you go through challenges does not mean that you have committed any sin. Don’t give up.”
41. “God cannot be harassed. It is not your fasting that gets you honour; it is your love nature.”
42. “A true heart for God is the fundamental requirement for scaling utmost height in life.”
43. “An established walk with God guarantees unlimited breakthroughs.”
44. “God cannot anoint you for wealth if you don’t have love for the poor.”
45. “The poor will always want someone to push them while the prosperous push themselves to succeed.”
46. “You need the expertise, wisdom and strength of others. Great dreams will always require others for their accomplishment.”
47. “Prosperity is not just having money; it is having enough of God’s provision to complete His will for your goodness.”
48. “Prayer is not a scriptural seed for money. It is not the scriptural requirement for Kingdom prosperity.”
49. “If you wait for a financial miracle, you may never have one if you don’t do the principles.”
50. “The first sign of poverty is that you don’t do things until you are pushed to do them.”
51. “Neve take No for an answer. Fight your way through life. Never give up! If you are kicked out of a business, kick yourself into another business.”
52. “Jealousy is an eternal parasite that eats away the joy of people. Celebrate the prosperous. You can’t castigate the prosperous and expect to be prosperous.”
53. “Problem-solving decides your exit from a season of pain like Joseph. Your pain will stop when you solve problems.”
54. “The world teaches, ‘Get all you can; keep all you can, save all you can” That teaching will make you broke forever. In the Kingdom, give all you can to get what you want.
55. “Money is a pivotal factor in a marriage and family. There is a difference between wants and needs. God will supply your needs not your wants.”
56. “When God wants to favour you, he turns the counsel of your enemies to foolishness.”
57. “The prophet you don’t receive, no matter his anointing, the virtues he carries cannot bring any value to your life.”
58. “That you are close to somebody does not mean you honor the person. Honour has nothing to do with proximity. It has to do with connectivity.”
59. “We can only give our way out of poverty. You can’t pray your way out of poverty.”


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