Business Expert speaks on APC using Timi Dakolo’s song during presidential primary election

Business Expert speaks on APC using Timi Dakolo’s song during presidential primary election

The issue of the All Progressive Congress (APC) using a song belonging to popular Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo, during their special presidential primary elections has sparked reactions among Nigerians especially, the creative industry.

The reactions started when the singer took to his verified Twitter account to question the All Progressive Congress for using his song at their presidential primary elections without his permission.

In his post, Dakolo wrote:

Why Use an Artist Song without their permission in a rally or campaign. The things people get away with in this Country called Nigeria. Actually this is the second time.

This has led to reactions among many social media User especially, on Twitter.

Reacting to the decision of the APC to use the song belonging to an artiste without permission, Nigeria Entreprneuer, Owen Shedrack, founder at Outsaurce PEP, and the Head of Marketing and Growth at Kendor Consulting, commented on the growing Intellectual Property Right (IP) concern. He shared with iBelievAll the issue of Intellectual Property (IP) being used by organizations without permission calls for a more conscious conversation and awareness in creative industry, especially the Music industry in Nigeria.

According to Owen, “That Timi has consistently experienced this twice, it’s a shame. He’s only getting attention because he has built a voice on his own. But it calls for a more conscious conversation and awareness.

“The creative industry has evolved, especially the Music industry in Nigeria. The challenge before was not having control over rights and earnings, but now, it is more, it is earning what is due and getting the credit deserved. Timi is entitled to say he deserves credit and earnings, especially without permission given for his work to be used openly and for the purpose it was used.

“While this will go on and on. The question is, what is the creative community doing about protecting their work? As far as I’m concern, they need to pull their weight together, drive conversations and awareness regarding this issues, above all, seek to drive actions – policy and structure wise, in order to bring about more consciousness about this issues.

“More people need to voice out. More people need to lead the conversation. The community need to push for actions. At least to set a process where issues like this can be treated. For instance, the APC as an organization committed that offence, how do you go about punishing them or any other person to get what’s due for you or any party involved? It’s like seeing it from a justice system perspective.

“Like I’ve always shared, the existing Nigeria Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and enforcement systems does not meet the reality of our current creative economy.

Just like the Tech Community are taking the Startup Bill by hand, these creator groups need to figure out how to do theirs.”

Recall that popular skit marker MrFunny better known as Sabinus, recently sued Peak Milk for using his brand Trademark phrase “Something Hooge” in a campaign, and Gala for using a mockup of his image as well.


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