Family responds to a woman, Chioma Egwu, under investigation for alleged murder of their father

Family responds to a woman, Chioma Egwu, under investigation for alleged murder of their father


(The true story breakdown)

HRH, Eze Ordogwu Eze Bright I. Enyelike, passed on the 19th day of March 2022. Understandably my family have been with grief and chose to deal with our grief as privately as possible.

Nelson Bright responds to Chioma Egwu, Woman under investigation for alleged murder of his father


However, my attention has been drawn to an article posted on Linda Ikeji’s blog and on TSB news on the 30th of May 2022. Based on the references on the the article generated from an Instagram and Facebook post by a blogger Mr. Harrison Gwamnishu, canvassing the release of “Mrs. Chioma Bright” who he claims is the mother of four children by my deceased 98 years old father.

I commend the humanitarian works of Mr.Harrison Gwamnishu, as I am a humanitarian myself, but I fear that as a blogger he failed to employ the ethics of good journalism as he did not try to investigate properly before attempting to mislead the public with falsehood, then using the out roar of social media to interfere with an ongoing police murder investigation, fraud investigation, concealment of documents, amongst other factual crimes committed by Chioma EGWU rightfully reported to the police.

Nonfactual news like that can easily expose him to a law suit for defamation of character, however if he continues to share false information about my family  without any form of investigation, I would have no choice but to act legally. I believe his honest enthusiasm to help has been exploited,

I would like to clarify him and the general public on the following facts.

Mr.Harrison’s Blog post: “Chioma Bright, a mother of four children” :

I noticed she left her 5th abandoned child out of her sympathetic posts. I would like to know if all her children belong to my late father ? Or if these children have different fathers? Due to her lifestyle.

Mr.Harrison’s Blog post:  “Her late husband’s family are accusing her of killing her husband who has been bedridden for years before he passed away.”

Due to the swift actions of Chioma immediately after the demise of my father, which I would not want to discuss on this platform in other not to interfere with an ongoing police investigation,  i only wish to point out that due to the overwhelming number of unprescribed drugs found in her possession, some banned and prohibited in Nigeria, there was need to find out if our father’s death was fast tracked in anyway.

Blog post: “The husband’s family are doing this to keep her away to enable them take over her  husband’s properties…”

1. I am not her husband’s family, the late man is my father, Her real name is Miss Chioma Egwu from Enugu, not Mrs.Chioma Bright, my late father was 92 years old not 98 years, first married in 1957, he married other wives and has 4 wives in total with sons and daughters very successful in their various Life endeavors , we all live in peace with each other. Chioma who is believed to be in her 30’s came into the family a few years ago.

Nelson Bright responds to Chioma Egwu, Woman under investigation for alleged murder of his father

2. Chioma came into the family as a maid support to a care taker of our late father.

3. Her duty was to take care of my father but she had her own plans and continued with her plots seeing how free and open minded the family is, Chioma should explain to the public how she by passed her madam the care taker into a relationship with my late dad.

4. It came late to the family’s attention that she was inducing our father with drugs and other unprescribed and prohibited sedatives too strong for his aged heart. She then focused on building a house two days after my father’s demise.

Nelson Bright responds to Chioma Egwu, Woman under investigation for alleged murder of his father

5. started a fight for properties, a few days after the passing of my allegedly murdered 92 years old father

6. she continued sharing and posting videos suggesting she’s celebrating the demise of my late father, she was the first to start a fight to claim the family’s entire assets from the wives and children alone for herself.

The question I would like to ask the blogger Mr.Harrison Gwamnishu is why no attempt was made to contact any member of the family and hear the other side of the story before putting together his third myopic angle in public space.

The family is indeed grateful to God for giving our father glorious 92 years, however due to the many suspicious acts of Chioma EGWU during and after his demise the family went the lawful way of reporting her activities to the police.

Elder sons of the late king HRH Bright I. Enyelike are grown and successful in their various Businesses , Careers and life endeavours. The primary concern of the family is to uncover the truth behind their father’s demise under Chioma EGWU’s care, and the protection of their family from those who wish to shame the legacy of a great man as my father, their acts are similar to schemers, gold diggers and marauder who wish to loot and acquire, where they did not sow.

Nelson Bright responds to Chioma Egwu, Woman under investigation for alleged murder of his father

The police in prosecution of a lawful search warrant and in the present of witnesses *over 70 drugs* were found in her possession, some of these drugs are illegal and banned in Nigeria, this led the police to conduct an autopsy & toxicology test on the family’s consent, of which we await the results.

The police secured a remand order from the court to detain her while the investigation was ongoing to prevent her from interfering with the sensitive investigation.

The bad journalism exhibited by Mr.Harrison Gwamnishu  blog post shared to the public without proper investigation are as furnished by Chioma, The  post borders on outright falsehood and gross misrepresentation of facts

In respect to the dedicated Christian first wife (84 years ) of my dad. My family refuses to comment much on the matter and I urged the pubic to allow us handle our family matter in private, and focus on the burial of our loving late father.

Nelson Bright responds to Chioma Egwu, Woman under investigation for alleged murder of his father

Chioma Egwu is advised to refrain from her blatant falsehood, and using emotional black mail to misinform and gain social media sympathetic support. She should seek legal options instead of embarrassing my family and deceiving people with her deceitful victim story on social media.

We would react legally to any further false post or fake information shared about our family. Thanks for taking out your time to hear the truth.


Nelson Bright


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