How To Retrieve Money Fraudulently Or Mistakenly Sent To Another Bank Account

How To Retrieve Money Fraudulently Or Mistakenly Sent To Another Bank Account

Have you mistakenly transferred money to a wrong account without knowing how to retrieve your money back from the Bank? Then, this post is for you.

Read Carefully And Learn.

When you realize that you’ve been defrauded/scammed or mistakenly transferred money into a bank account, these are steps you should take immediately.

1. Write out the Full name and account number that money was transferred into.

2. Go to the last notification (alert) your bank sent you after the transaction (via text, email or mobile app) and copy the “TRANSACTION ID NUMBER”.

3. Go to any branch of the bank you transferred to and ask to see the “CUSTOMER SERVICE IN-CHARGE OF FRAUD”.

While you are there, get the Bank’s email address and send a complaint directly to their mail, drop a detailed complaint with correct Bank details of both accounts (sender & receiver) and attach receipts of payment. Copy these email addresses, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) FRAUD DESK (, and to the mail.

What this does is that, it will propel the bank to take immediate action on your complaints.

The bank will therefore place the culprit’s account on hold.

His BVN will be blocked. Which means the bearer of the BVN can never make bank withdrawals or transfers, even on other bank accounts linked to the BVN. The bearer of the BVN will not be able to open another account either.

A scam alert will be placed on the BVN, so whenever the culprit visits the bank and the BVN or Account Number is entered, the bank will automatically be notified of the scam complaint and authorities (Police) will be invited.

When proven guilty the culprit will then sign a waiver allowing the bank to activate a refund of the money into your account.

The process might sound cumbersome, but it’s definitely worth it.

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