How to stop AI from taking over your job

How to stop AI from taking over your job

Written by: Kelvin Alaneme

The world, as we know it, has changed. AI is fast eating jobs – from content generation to copy-writing to graphic design to coding – the list is growing by the day. The first jobs affected were information-based and numbers-based jobs. You can’t store and retrieve information more efficiently than AI. You also can’t out-calculate AI.

Some jobs, however, appear beyond the reach of AI, for now. What most of these jobs have in common is that they are either dependent on human attributes or need a high level of emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationship skills – things that are still difficult to automate at the moment.

1. NEW HR – I added ‘new’ to HR because while Human Resource professionals are still very much relevant, the emphasis is on the ‘human’ as the ‘resources’ can easily be outsourced. HR is now back to basics – depending on critical skills like empathy, intuition, strong interpersonal relations which are all necessary in managing people. A large chunk of HR has been replaced with softwares managing employees – rotas, scheduling and measuring employee performances are now automatic. However, ‘new HR’ will find roles in hiring. Selecting persons who are the right fit for a company still needs a lot of human input and personal conviction.

2. LEADERS – Even AI needs guidance. That is why most AI tools are practically useless without the right prompts. Business leadership roles needs a lot human input like courage, drive, grit, tenacity, vision and belief in the business even when things are not working out. CEO and COO roles in companies are still safe from AI. These roles require unique human skills that are hard to replicate and even harder to automate.

3. SPORTSMEN/ATHLETES – To excel in sports, you need tons of hardwork, perseverance, discipline – the very human qualities vary widely and are hard to replicate. What makes sports interesting is the human factor – a football match of 22 AI robots playing against each other may not be as much fun as the games we have today.

4. DOCTORS/NURSES – Medicine still has a human component which is difficult to replicate. Even when AI has the bulk of the knowledge, the peculiarities of each patient makes it tough to execute a ‘one cap fits all’ approach.

5. ORIGINAL CREATIVES – In a world filled with soulless copies generated by ChatGPT, original writing will become premium. Same goes for original musicians, designers, artists. The rarer original works become, the greater their value.

To stop AI from taking your job, you have to:

✅ Invest in developing the human component of your job.

✅ Sharpen your interpersonal skills.

✅ Build grit.

✅ Learn leadership.

✅ Learn prompt engineering.

✅ Learn to take advantage of AI.

What jobs do you think are immune in this AI generation? Let me know in the comments. 👇


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