Importance of effective communication in an organization

Importance of effective communication in an organization

The fact that effective communication is all important in every organization may be disputed by some person in some in some quarters. People may give credence to money or the ‘big idea’, however, whether you realize it or not, communication not money or the big idea, represents the most solid core foundation for any business organization. It is the most important business skill needed to make every other skill functional and effective. Effective communication is considered all important because:

It is the vehicle through which the blueprint or road map to accomplish your goals are laid out.

It is the only means through which any organization would make itself known, accepted and appreciated by the public.

Investors, customers, clients prospective and existing, can be adequately informed about your progress and success and your plans to move the business to a greater height, only through communication.

It would bring about the delivery of clear messages to employees which will result to peak performance and increased productivity.

When adequately utilized, you save and make more tome and money since unnecessary repetitions and errors would have been eliminated.

It is the means by which good human relationships are established, which would bring about cooperation and teamwork among the members of staff in the organization.

It would ease frustration and eliminate misunderstanding and confusion, as everybody would understand what to do and how to do it.

It would bring about his turnover rate, as your products and services would be well marketed and as a result enjoys his patronage.

Whatever a person does to make another person or persons understand what is in his or her mind is communication. It does not end at understanding, there has to be response from the person or persons listening, for the process to be completed. Communication can be defined as the passing of information from one person to another by use of words, letters, telephone, reports, invoices, orders and symbols. It has also be defined as the giving, receiving or exchange of information and opinion with the material communicated completely understood by everyone concern.

Conclusively, effective communication in an organization is very important and must not be overlooked by any means.


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