INTERVIEW: Lilian Dinma speaks on her challenges as a gospel music artiste in Europe

INTERVIEW: Lilian Dinma speaks on her challenges as a gospel music artiste in Europe
INTERVIEW: Lilian Dinma speaks on her challenges as a gospel music artiste in Europe

“I am still trying to break through in the music industry.” This was what Lilian Dinma told iBelieveAll Blog during her recent interview with us.

The sensational Nigerian-Europe based gospel and inspirational music songwriter and singer speak on her challenges gospel artiste in Europe. She also appealed to those who question her fashion style, saying her fashion style has always been the same even when in Nigeria.

Read her full interview with us below:

Lilian Dinma speaks on her challenges as a gospel music artiste in Europe
INTERVIEW: Lilian Dinma speaks on her challenges as a gospel music artiste in Europe.

Can you tell us who Lilian Dinma is and what stands you out as a gospel artiste?

Oh well, my name is Lilian Dinma. I am a believer in Christ, blessed child of God, a mother, sister, and wife. Lilian Dinma is a gospel and motivational singer. Sometimes, I add inspirations to my lyrics to complete the full messages.

What stand me out is because I am a different person. I create my own songs without copying any Artiste. My beats or tunes are original. I am different because I sing from my heart and I send messages through my songs.

How many years have you being active in music industry?

Aww! I have been in this music industry for long time now. Let me say I have been active for about 6 to 7 years. The truth is, it’s not how long but the fact is, I will continue to work hard to be active till God said otherwise but for now, I am here to stay.

What are your challenges in music industry and how have you been able to cope with these challenges?

My challenges as a female artiste are one, I get judge a lot by people and secondly, the industry in Europe is not big like Nigeria or African. My challenges are mostly during my recording I find it difficult to record the songs because the beat are produced in Africa, then the song will be recorded in Europe. Sometimes, the studio engineers in Europe are not so professional like those in Nigeria. Although, they are trying their best. You know, sometimes, I have to travel around Europe to record my songs. The truth is, I have so much challenges but I am surviving them.

My main challenge is that nobody calls me for shows because I’m not in their category, nobody want a Christian songs in their night show, that is why sometimes I create inspiration songs to keep my name on the music map in Europe.

There are many people who are trying to breakthrough in the industry every year, how have you been able to stand strong in the music industry despite the competition and challenges?

I am still trying to break through in music industry. Truth be told, it’s hard when you have no one to support you, no fan base, no recording label want to work with you. Yes, it’s hard for me because sometimes, feel like I’m alone and ‘a one woman squad’. The competition is high in Nigeria but in Europe here, I’m not seeing that competition because here, I’m well recognise as a female Gospel inspirational singer and you can’t mention any Gospel Singer here without mentioning my name.

Let me tell you this, despite the difficulties I am facing, in this music industry, I am a secret promoter who pays Artistes from Nigeria to perform in Europe , that way, can be able to promote my songs and myself. I have spent a lot of money in this industry.

As a gospel artiste, what is your relationship with other Nigeria gospel artiste?

Oh my goodness, that question is sad actually, I have no connections or relationship if it comes to contact information with any of the Gospel Singers in Nigeria. I have reach out to someone or record label but always got excuses about their Artistes, so I have to stop. The last time I tried was in 2019 and I said to myself, ‘Lilian Dinma stop trying to feature Artiste who her or his record label doesn’t want you.’

When it comes to Nigeria Gospel Singers, I do have connection and amazing relationship with their songs.

Who is the artiste you look up to meeting and collaborating with in business?

I love and respect every Gospel Singer out there. Honestly, I will love to collaborate with few female Artistes and Male Artistes. I love and respect female Singers in Nigeria and around the world, I will love to collaborate with many of them, but the question here is, are they willing to work with me?

You are also into fashion business, how are you able to combine it with your music career?

(Laugh). Actually I started fashion way back in secondary as well as in Higher Institution. I also had a clothing shop in Port Harcourt back in 2001. The journey to my music started in 2005, which was when I began to talk about singing. It will interest you to know that in my secondary school, I was in singing competition; I belong to a group called the Kingdom Dance.

Combination of fashion and music to me are both passion and gift from God. Without my fashion business, I wouldn’t have recorded my first album or continue in music industry. I have been bankrupted twice but that’s the story of another day.

Some people have suggested that your fashion style is a little bit seductive. What do you have to say about that, Lilian?

I wish people truly know my stories before am be judge because my fashion is not a dirty style or seductive style, no, I dress decent and respectful, l am one of the female who respect their bodies that is what my parents taught me. Yet people still feel I should dress more like them, I have to sell what gives me daily income. I cover up a lot then if I show them my full body they will know how beautiful am created but still cover up my body.

I want people to understand that I live in Europe not Nigeria and my husband is not a Nigerian, our weather is not same like Nigeria. I love God my maker above all things, but fashion is my passion and business. I love fabulous and beautiful things.

Lilian Dinma speaks on her challenges as a gospel music artiste in Europe
INTERVIEW: Lilian Dinma speaks on her challenges as a gospel music artiste in Europe

Are we expecting any song from Lilian Dinma before the end of the year?

Oh yes we can’t end Christmas without a song. I can’t remember if I have ever forgotten to drop a song in December. I love Christmas vibes; the feelings Christmas make me feel happy. So I’m super excited to yes, I will release amazing song this December before the year end.

Are you actually deviating from gospel songs to circular because some people thing otherwise?

I am not going into circular music. Let me tell you, I can’t even write circular song or get inspiration for it. It’s not possible for me to venture into circular music, it’s not my calling and I will not do it. I have use most of my songs to impact live indirectly or directly. ‘No more Pain’, ‘Far away’, ‘I pray for you’, ‘l Go survive’, ‘No easy’, ‘Na you be the one’, are some of my songs that have recorded successes in people’s lives. My recent song; Y.O.L.O is about kindness and life generally. I am not moving from Gospel music to circular music, it will not work. I just want you all to understand that am not confused but also preaching through music.


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