Lilian Dinma tackles Europe based entertainers

Lilian Dinma tackles Europe based entertainers

Nigerian – European based music artist, Lilian Dinma has tackled EU Artist, EU DJS and EU Promoters for their nonchalant attitudes towards her.

In her series of post on Facebook, the Nigerian born sensational Singer said she’s worried over the comments that she’s “negative and greedy”.

She pointed out that she has helped many European based entertainers with information that could lead them to success and has shared her personal secret of success with them even though none of them have ever reciprocated her kind gesture rather, they are calling her a “negative and greedy” person.

Lilian in her post wrote: “Let me reply Facebook what is on my mind. EU Artist, Eu DJS, Eu Promoters. I have never wronged any of you. I have supported as much i can, even speak up as much as i can in my own ways. But you people calling me negative person how? How did i become a negative and greedy person? I am that person who will push you to your success. What did i do wrong you will call me greedy person and negative? Did you think my information i was sharing years back was free? How can a negative person come online to share her secrets to success? and yet you call her negative?

“I have helped some Eu Artist but None of you have helped me before or even give me connections. So who is negative and greedy?”

“This is last warning to you all Eu Artist who feels like you can step on me. I am not better than anyone of you and no one of you are better than me. We are in same industry doesn’t mean we dey same category in life. We sing songs doesn’t mean we must support each others. We are in same industry do not grantee us friendship. You don’t need to like me or me liking you. Just respect me and i will respect you. When you gossip with your friends have in mind that friends might know who knows me that is how gossip news fly.

I have never been in competition with anyone of you but myself. Do your thing but don’t involve me in your useless dirty circles.

“No body is above mistake cause we are not perfect but that doesn’t mean ears no dey hear the good and bad.
Be careful how you call my name. I don’t care how you live your dirty social media life. Don’t step on me again because next time i will upload all chats and names.
“Be warned Be warned. I will let peace rain now.”

Lilain Dinma is the most popular EU based female music artist. She has released more than 20 songs to her name including Assurance, This Kind Love,  No Be Fake Love, Y.O.L.O, Far Away.


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