Men gets rejected for relationship but women are not built to be rejected’ – Man give deep relationship lecture

Men gets rejected for relationship but women are not built to be rejected’ – Man give deep relationship lecture

A social media User, Emmanuel Echeta, has explained the reason men gets rejected by women for relationship and why women hardly get rejected by men.

Emmanuel, in his Twitter thread post, said rejection often make some men to work hard to better then they were while rejection can also send some men to “social cemetery” where they decide not to have anything to do with women.

In the post, Emmanuel Echeta tweeted with the handle @PenTitan, and wrote:

“Men get rejected by women most of the time.

Sometimes, the rejection is so pronounced it sends the man into a hustling fit, or drives him to be a better, more appealing man.

Other times, it sends him into the social cemetery, where he closes himself off from women.

Nonetheless, most men shake off the rejection they experience, and before she says “no”, they’re already on another case.

After 5 tries, many men usually get a hit.

We’re built to be rejected because we’re equally built to chase; the principles of being a territorial being.

Women, on the other hand, aren’t built for rejection in this peculiar matter.

Many women believe themselves beautiful or appealing enough to every man, because beyond the ass, boobs and face, men really get moved by the cookie; which every woman has.

Unfortunately, some men have standards, and not even that can make some forego watery butts or voluptuous breasts, hence they reject the advances of some women.

The women, not being built for it, come here and cry.

It’s only a man who can toast at least one girl everyday in a university.

A woman will get at least one “can I have your number” everyday.

Even the overly “churchy” girls will get at least one a week.

Hence, I discourage women who toast men.

It’s against nature, and it usually ends badly.

It ends badly because men, territorial as they are, aren’t used to being conquered, especially by women.

So, a man you toasted may misbehave because he didn’t work to “earn” you.

He didn’t conquer you; you presented yourself to him, and even if you’re giving him the best knacks and not asking for money, he’ll still retain a certain nagging feeling in his gut.

So, those advising you to go and tell men you love them don’t like you.

As a woman, what you do is position yourself for a man to toast you, and subsequently win you.

Be receptive if you like him, be open if he’s trustworthy.

What you shouldn’t be is pushing for a relationship; he’ll be repulsed.

Even if you offer him knacks, he’ll knack and knack before leaving.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t send the first message; but don’t do the toasting.”


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