Nigerian Comedian, GSN, speaks on how he became a comedian, challenges, Witty Wednesday and more

Nigerian Comedian, GSN, speaks on how he became a comedian, challenges, Witty Wednesday and more

Ekwubiri Udochi Godson, popularly known by his stage name as GSN, in a chat with iBelieveAll speak on his journey to comedy industry and challenges he has encountered through the journey. The highly rated Port Harcourt based comedian who hail from Ugwunagbo Local Government Area of Abia State, also explained what it means to be a comedian in Nigeria and what he aimed to achieve as a Comedian.

GSN, who is the convener of popular a comedy club in Port Harcourt known as “Witty Wednesday” also spoke on what prompted him into establishing the club which hold every third Wednesday of the month.

Meet Ekwubiri Udochi Godson, popularly known by his stage name as GSN – unscripted!

How Did You Become A Comedian?

First, if I was told at an early age I’d become a Stand-up Comedian, I would have disagreed, but you know, there’s a way these things play out, I’ve always had funny stories in my head. Whenever I hear of a situation or whatsoever, I try to seek the humour in it. That was how I started by posting funny, original stories on Facebook and all, until I took the bold step and started telling these stories on stage.
I love to see people happy, it gives me joy. So I try to use my craft of telling funny stories in spreading happiness as much as I can. Interestingly, stand up comedy become the best way to share happiness to people.

Whats Your Greatest Fear In Life And Career?

My greatest fear in life and career has always been not being able to fulfill my destiny. Growing up, everyone had dreams and visions and all. As you know, we prayed about our destinies and dreams. I’m so scared and pray to God daily not to let me do something that will jeopardize my chances of making it in life.

What’s Your Most Celebrated Achievement?

For now, my most celebrated achievement, has to be my ability to make people laugh effortlessly. Yeah, I know a whole lot of persons might look at this question and expect me to say it’s an award or something, but my ability to make people laugh effortlessly on and off the stage is my greatest achievement. I’ve put in a lot of work into making it happen, I’ve prayed for it to happen, I have even envisioned it happening and now it’s happening! So, that’s my most celebrated achievement career wise.

What’s The Purpose Of Witty Wednesday And What Do You Aimed To Achieve Through It?

I have always loved Comedy Clubs, I spend most nights up watching videos of comedy clubs in the United Kingdom and the United States of America and I’ve always relished the privilege of having one. For me, comedy clubs are very important to a Comedian because that’s where we test run most of our materials, ie, jokes, before we take them to the big platforms. So for me, the purpose of Witty Wednesday is to help me grow as a Stand-up comedian and by extension, help a whole lot of my colleagues.
We need comedy clubs, it’s been known over the years as a breeding ground for comics, plus it helps me in reaching out to some young Comedians who need platforms to big events.

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Why Did You Start It?

I identified a need in my career that needed to be fixed and I knew instantly that a comedy club would fix it. What’s the need?: A serene atmosphere where I’d tell funny stories, try out new, fresh jokes and perfect upon them and also reach out to the younger generation in comics industry.

Who Is Your Hero In The Entertainment Industry?

Easy, it has to be Chris Rock. I’m his biggest fan, I’ve loved the man for his style of comedy, his delivery and everything about him. I even have his painting in my bedroom, which I bought about forty thousand naira (N40,000).
He’s so big in the comedy industry that sometimes, we forget how good that man is in the industry. some new generation Comedians just noticed him some months back because of the onstage fracas he had with Will Smith, but I’ve followed the man for over seven years. He’s been my role model and by far my GOAT (Greatest of All Time) inasmuch as Stand-up comedy is concerned.

Do You Have Other Things To Say?

I’ve been having pains on my chest for a while now so I went for checkup and my Doctor told me to rest more that my blood pressure was high and all, and then He told me how people in my Profession are always hypertensive and all and that I need to take care of myself a Lot.
This got me thinking that I’m out there spreading happiness and yet I’m having blood pressure (laugh).
In whatever you do, find time to take care of yourself, you just got one life to live, make it count. Don’t be out there making a living that you forget to live your life (laugh).

Thanks you 🙏.

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