Oladips Biography, Age, Record Label, Death Controversy, Networth 

Oladips Biography, Age, Record Label, Death Controversy, Networth 

Oladipupo Oladimeji, affectionately known by his stage name as Oladips, is a talented songwriters and music singer from Nigeria.

This article delves into the Nigerian rapper’s life, career, and untimely demise.

Let’s explore Oladips’ journey from the vibrant stages of his music career to the sad announcement on his Instagram handle.

Oladips Biography

Oladips was born on March 24, 1995, in Ogun State, Nigeria. From a young age, he displayed an inclination towards music, setting the stage for a promising career that would captivate audiences across the nation.

At the tender age of sixteen, Oladips embarked on his musical odyssey, engaging in rap battles both online and offline. From the humble beginnings of text battling on Facebook, he rapidly ascended the ranks of the rap scene, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Triumph at “King is Here” Contest

A pivotal moment in Oladips’ career was his triumph at the “King is Here” contest, hosted by the acclaimed Nigerian musician D’banj.

This victory did not only propelled him into the spotlight but also secured his first major record contract with EDGE Records, a significant milestone for the budding artist.

Oladips’s Death Controversy:

The news of Oladips’ demise hit the airwaves on November 15, 2023, leaving fans and the music community in shock.

However, three days later after the announcement of his death by his management, Oladips made a shocking video appearance to say he’s alive and not dead.

It was later revealed that Oladips and his management staged his death to promote his new album.

Oladips became one of the celebrities who faked their death to promote their work.

Oladips Age

Oladips is 28 years old, as at the time of making this post in 2023.

Oladips Music Career

Oladips’ journey in music industry is marked by resilience and talent. His ability to connect with audiences is evident in his performances, where he seamlessly blended his unique style with mainstream influences.

Noteworthy is his rendition of a song by Drake and Trey Songz, a performance that resonated with the crowd and showcased Oladips’ versatility as an artist.

Ola Dips paid homage to the late Nigerian rapper Dagrin with the heartfelt composition “Don’t Let Dagrin Down.” The song garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying Oladips’ reputation as a musician with depth and respect for the industry’s legacy.

Oladips Conflicts With EDGE/LRR Records (Reminisce)

In a surprising turn of events on July 1, 2019, Oladips announced his departure from LRR/EDGE Records. This departure was accompanied by a song where he accused the label’s CEO, Reminisce, of contract violations and expressed dissatisfaction with the trajectory of his career.

Oladips’s Net Worth

Oladips’ financial standing is estimated at $70 thousand, primarily sourced from his successful music career.

Oladips Songs

Dive into Oladips’ discography:

– Our Father (feat. Oladips)

– Album: Àjàlá Travel

– Year: 2022

– Lagos Anthem (feat. Oberz, Frescool, Oladips, Kabex & Trod) [Remix]

– Album: Twenty Tiri K – Single

– Year: 2019

– Maybe

– Album: Maybe – Single

– Year: 2019

– Alubarika

– Album: Alubarika – Single

– Year: 2020

– Half Human Half Rap (feat. Oladips)

– Album: Half Human Half Rap – Single

Frequently Asked Questions About Oladips:

1. Who is Oladips?

– Oladips is a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter best recognized for his songs, including “Chache,” “Lalakukulala” (featuring Reminisce), “African Beauty,” and more.

2. What is Oladips’ real name?

– His real name is Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji.

3. What is Oladips’ age?

– The rapper was 28 years old as of 2023, born on March 24, 1995.

4. Which state is Oladips from?

– Oladips hails from Ogun State, Nigeria.

5. What is Oladips’ net worth?

– The rising rapper has an estimated net worth of $70 thousand.

6. What is Oladips’ height?

– Oladips stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches or 170 centimeters tall.


In the melody of Oladips’ life, the final note came too soon. His journey, marked by triumphs and tribulations, leaves an indelible mark on the Nigerian music landscape. As we remember this talented artist, let us cherish the legacy he left behind.


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