Pastor Kumuyi’s quotes during Ministers and Professionals’ Conference during GCK

Pastor Kumuyi’s quotes during Ministers and Professionals’ Conference during GCK

The founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Ministry otherwise known as Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor (Dr) W. F. Kumuyi, delivered powerful message titled; “Reviving Christ’s Timeless Ministry in the Present- day Minister” during Ministers and Professionals’ Conference in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Speaking to Ministers and professionals at the conference, the 82 year old senior Pastor at Deeper Life Bible Church said;

1. We are in ministry when we allow other people to see Jesus in us.

2. God called us into ministry so that we can do what He was committed to while on earth.

3. Many of us are called different title in our ministries but we should know that some of these titles are not in the New Testament. The most important thing we should do is to do what Jesus want us to be doing, which is; saving the lost, the sinners.

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4. God gave you the power in ministry so that you can do what Jesus would have done if He is on the earth.

5. We know by FAITH not by FEELING that Christ is in us.

6. If you want to build your faith, faith comes by hearing the right Word; which is the Word of God.

7. When you use the word ‘IF’, you are only saying; I Failed (IF).

8. Never come to the point where you limit the activities of Christ as a result of His disciple’s failure

9. It is not what you see on the outside that makes you fail but because you took that thing from the outside and internalise it in your life.

10. What goes on in the inner man is what we see happening outside the man.

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Pastor Kumuyi sub-topics during his message.
Point 1: His Transforming ministry seeking and Saving Sinners.

a- Christ’s Compassion to seek and to save.

b- Compelling commission to seek like the Saviour .

c- Clenased creatures, Sought, saved and sanctified.

Point 2- His Translational Ministry of Healing and Helping Sufferers.

a. The Supernatural Healing of Incurable Sicknesses.

b. The Sustained sanity for insane sufferers.

c. The Strengthening Help for the Inner state [ man]

3: His Transferable Ministry of Teaching and Training His Saints/Servants

a. The ministry of teaching by Christ.

b. The Mandate to Teach from Christ.

c. Cleansed Creatures, sought, saved and sanctified.


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