The True Power of Knowledge

The True Power of Knowledge
The True Power of Knowledge

Before you delve into this article (The True Power of Knowledge), consider this statement: ‘Ignorance is the cheapest thing to acquire yet the most expensive thing to have whereas knowledge is the most expensive thing to acquire yet the cheapest thing to possess on Earth.’

Ponder the statement above, do you agree? On which side do you find yourself currently? Well, before you hastily choose the latter, take note that every man is an “ignoramus.” I will explain in the succeeding paragraphs but first, let’s explicate the statement above.

Epistemology is the study of the nature, origin and limits of knowledge. It has dated back to pre-modern times and has its origin enshrined in Greek roots spreading through the Western culture and evolved to be a broad field of study today. It is one of the four main branches of philosophy and many erudite philosophers have contributed to this subject of utmost importance.
According to Socrates, “knowledge is an absolute truth.” For him, knowledge is a concept that holds universal appeal in the way it exists around the world.
Plato, another great philosopher defined knowledge as justified true belief. In agreement with Plato, Aristotle also upheld the definition that knowledge is associated with what is true and justifiable etc.

These definitions have been the foundation upon which many literary studies about knowledge have been conducted to date.

The modern definition of knowledge means facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It also means awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation. Knowledge is also the state of knowing something etc.

It is important to note that the conversations around knowledge will continually thrive and it has become more sophisticated in this 21st century because of the advent and successful impact of the internet. We are living in the Information Age and a sea of information abound on virtually any subject matter and these are associated with one word, “knowledge.” Currently, “Information is Life” With a click on the internet, one can readily have unrestricted access to these information.

Every human being has the innate inclination to knowledge, an instinct that has been put there by God. What makes the difference, however, is how it is developed. This is where the division between “The Wise and the Fools” is made and it is appalling to state that many fail to develop this God-given skill. Solomon the wisest man that ever lived according to Bible, said “The wise man will learn and increase learning but fools?”

Knowledge is esoteric and it takes great discovery to possess it. Its peculiarity is hidden in the easy accessibility yet hard availability. Yes, everywhere around us knowledge abounds and can be accessed but it takes only “the wise” to seek it and that’s when it becomes available. This is the reason why many choose the opposite, ignorance. Anytime you are not choosing knowledge, you choose ignorance invariably.

Have you heard that knowledge is power? Well, it is easily among the commonest sayings yet it wields deep significance for every human being because of its nature. As humans, we operate and interact through “knowing.”
And knowledge is the key that guarantees the freedom to lead great lives, this is the true power of knowledge.

“What you know gives you an edge in life” in whatever jurisdiction, field or industry that you find yourself in, even on a personal level. Knowledge is what makes you a super-hero in the eyes of those who fail to deploy their innate abilities, the “ignorant.”

There are various forms and categories of knowledge, but one central thing is that knowledge is associated with truth and truth is anything that makes you have freedom due to its relevance.
This is the kind of knowledge that has the power to give you freedom, relevant knowledge.

Relevance means it has to be practical and applicable for you. Don’t swallow any form of knowledge or information you come across because you think it is “useful” or others are “using it.” Most times, it can be more poisonous than ignorance.

Do you want to be financially free? There is knowledge associated with financial intelligence and literacy. Do you desire to have a great marital relationship or sociality? There is enough information about that. Are your academic excellence and a successful career your goal? There is no limitation to the knowledge you can acquire about it. Is your spiritual life a priority and do you want to develop spiritually? You can know God more, personally through the Bible and multiple information existing around you. How about being a successful entrepreneur? You can readily find ample information on that etc.

The “currencies” through which knowledge can be acquired include reading, listening, and observation but it remains expensive because very few persons develop and utilise them. And that is what puts the huge price on knowledge but if it is successfully achieved, the cheapness of knowledge is laid bare and grants great freedom to the possessors.
The Almighty God knows this formula, that is why He said “my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge.”

Do you remember what we earlier stated that every man is an ignoramus? It is associated with another critical aspect of knowledge. No matter how knowledgeable you are, there will always be an area that you are deficient and this is what makes knowledge interesting. It is supposed to work in co-existence and synergy. For example, a footballer may know all the dynamics and skills of soccer but is deficient in basketball. In that area, that footballer is an ignoramus.

So understanding this will help to maintain the humble disposition associated with knowledge, refusing the tendency to become arrogant to others because of your perceived intelligent quotient. Socrates said best knowledge is knowing that you know nothing at all; this is another power of knowledge that is often underestimated.

When you apply this, you increase more and more instead of diminishing in knowledge.

In conclusion, it is pertinent to understand the importance of knowledge and seek it. No man can act above his level of knowledge and if you must be relevant and consequential in the society, then you must be given to acquiring knowledge which is the cheapest yet expensive commodity to possess and which can truly liberate one spirit, soul and body.


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