Top 7 ways to manage your social media account like a Pro

Top 7 ways to manage your social media account like a Pro

So I was discussing best ways to manage social media account like a Pro this year and then these seven ideas was presented to me and I decided to share it to help you manage your social media account especially, this year.

Below are seven proven ways to manage your social media account like a professional this year and have peace:

1. Have an attractive Bio – Use a clear profile picture that shows more of your face.

– Take advantage of your header image.
–  Use keywords.
–  Link website/landing page/ or portfolio links like linktree, Disha etc.

2. Be specific and consistent with your niche.

3. Know your audience and create contents that meet their needs.

Many people unconsciously create only contents they love and not what meet the needs of their audience.

Go online and search for your BUYER PERSONA, get to know their frustrations and challenges and tailor your content around meeting their needs.

– Teach your audience, tell them things they don’t know that will be beneficial to them.

4. Create a content Schedule/Calendar.

A lot of us have To-do List, food timetable etc but when it comes to posting we just come online without following a schedule.

Have a content calendar that runs for at least a month. You can get a content calendar on Hubspot.

5. Post with templates or follow a pattern.

Let your audience be able to connect your post with you. There are several templates on Canva that you can use, better still you can get a graphics designer.

6. Engage your audience and be diplomatic about it no matter what happens. For instance, we have seen constant insults in the comment section of service providers but their social media manager will always be diplomatic with responses.

7. Pin your top performing post. There are. posts that gives page visitors a clear description of your brand in the first few minutes, such post should be pinned for easy access.


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