Uses of communication in an organization

Uses of communication in an organization

Communication is the only process that connects and brings together all the various parts of a system that makes it function. No organizational system or structure can function without communication.

This is because just about every activity in an organization requires communication. Organizations rely on effective communication among management and employees, and also, among employees and at all levels to decide, on and implement the goals and objectives of the organization.

Joe (2007) identified the following as the fundamental uses of communication in every organization.

Communication is used in business organization to:

1. Inform: To provide information to employees about policies and plans, to give directions and to educate them. Customers and the public are given information about the quality function and importance of a product. How a product is given about meetings, seminars, etc.

2. Enquire: It is through communication that enquiries are made. A manager who requires a report or information about anything from a subordinate would make enquiries about products and services and receive response to their questions through no other means but communication.

3. Request: To ask that a certain action be taken, workers can request for payment of salaries increase in their salaries, better working conditions, etc. you request that a deadline be met, a product be supplied, etc. all of these can be done only through communication.

4. Persuade: To prompt action. The management of an organization can persuade the staff to be more productive. An executive or supervisor can persuade his immediate subordinate to achieve his objectives. Organizations can use persuasion to attract new investors, new customers and get their patronage.

5. Build relationships: To foster strong interpersonal relationship and goodwill with prospective and existing clients, customers, employees, vendors and government agencies. This can be done by sending letters, text messages of congratulation and thanks, verbally checking in on the phone, etc.

Every other specific use of communication that could be identified falls into one of the above primary uses of communication, identified above.


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