Why Nairaland is down – Seun Osewa

Why Nairaland is down – Seun Osewa

Seun Osewa, the founder of popular online Forum, Nairaland, has revealed why the website is down after several hours.

Nairaland, an online discussion forum, that has dominated Nigeria’s web rankings for almost 20 years, went down on Monday, December 18, 2023. Reacting on the reason behind the breakdown of the website, Seun took to his X page to explain what happened.

Seun Osewa wrote: “Nairaland’s server was taken down because I overlooked an abuse report that was originally sent on the 14th. After the take down, I removed the offensive content. The UI for bringing back the server didn’t work so it took hours to get support on how to get that done. Minutes after the forum was brought back, they took the server down again with no warning. I’m guessing that the content I removed was still cached on Cloudflare servers, so they could still see it. I have cleared the caches now, but they are not communicating. I hope they will communicate tomorrow. If you have any ideas for working with abuse teams, please share. My track record is abysmal.

“The technical support team has informed me that only the abuse team has the power to reinstate our server, that their review could take up to 48 hours, and that nothing can be done to speed up the process. I’ve been informed that the only thing I can do is wait. It’s humbling.”

Reacting on the questions asked by a Follower on “Who took it down? And who reported?”, the founder of Nairaland said; “Our host took the server down as punishment for not responding to the abuse report on time. All we need is for a kind human to review the case and reverse the block. It is really a small issue that should have been resolved in less than 2 minutes.”
Nairaland is a Nigerian English-language internet forum. Founded by Nigerian entrepreneur Seun Osewa on March 8, 2005, it is targeted primarily at Nigerian domestic residents and is the 6th most visited website in Nigeria. Nairaland has over 3.0 million registered users with over 7.4 million topics created to date, and it is estimated that approximately 3% of Nigerian Internet users are registered on Nairaland.


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