Why sex is a spiritual exchange

Why sex is a spiritual exchange

There are many reason sex is considered to have spiritual exchange between two opposite gender.

There are a lot of components that make up the human being. Biologically, a human is made up of four levels of organization: the cell, tissue, organ, and system. The interaction of these levels of the organization comprises the complexities found in humans.

Human beings are complex beings and one of the components that comprise their beings is their sexuality. By default, human beings are made to be sexual. A human being is predominantly either male or female, there are exceptions to this caused by genetic mutation among other factors.

They are referred to as disorders of sexual development and they are rare in human beings, that is why they are exceptions and not the rule.

The reproductive system via the interaction with other systems in the body is responsible for the expression of human sexuality. Humans are configured to express their sexuality through sexual activities.

Sexual intercourse between man and woman is one of the primary means for this expression. There are other sexual activities such as kissing, touching, hugging, etc. but sex is rampant among all. Sexual intercourse is not learned, it is inherent in every person though expressed in different means.

The issue of sex (among youths especially) and its associated menaces has become a contemporary vice but conversations about sex and sexual immorality have been from the beginning.

In the beginning, God originated sex. There is no exegesis to corroborate this fact but there are inferences to substantiate it. When God created the first man and woman, he gave them a solemn charge “Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the Earth.” One of the primary means for executing this instruction was within the confines of sex.

The first incidence of sex as recorded in the Bible was when Adam “knew” Eve his and that knowledge gave birth to Cain (Genesis 4:1). Sex is not mentioned in the Bible, not because it is a vulgar word rather, the word “sex” had not been invented at the time. However, it was implied throughout the Bible as “carnal knowledge” and it holds deep spiritual meaning beyond the activity of intercourse between man and woman.

The devil has capitalised on this spiritual truth and has “almost” successfully eroded the spirituality of sex, reducing it to a mere physical act to those who are oblivious of the power of sex. This generation is the worst-hit compared to other generations before it, even Sodom and Gomorrah is “holy” compared to the decadence and ruins the devil has subjected the young and old of this generation to through sexual immorality.
Sex is not immoral on its own, God in His wisdom planted that “inherent knowledge” in human beings as a creative agent for the continuity of His works of creation. There is a clause that activates the immorality of sex; when sexual intercourse is done outside a “legally” or “spiritually” married husband and wife.

The devil has successfully exploited this tool and sold a lot of lies to individuals today, therefore sex has been trivialized and reduced to mere pleasurable activities. The consequences attached to breaching the “holiness of sex” have been damned and today it has become the “new normal.”

Unimaginable inventions of sexual activities are increasing astronomically and there seems to be no limit. A rise in the trend of sex has seen the devil also successfully make human beings seek to change their sexuality. Indeed, God has made man upright but they have sought out many (evil) inventions by the devil (Ecclesiastes 7:20).

Sex is not just a physical act, there is a spiritual exchange that occurs when a man and woman meet together in carnal knowledge. When it is done immorally, the devil capitalizes on that sexual transaction to wreck a lot of havoc in the lives of the individuals involved and society by and large.

Exchange of Covenant:
A covenant means an agreement between two or more persons about a particular cause.

When a man and woman engage in sex lawfully, they are exchanging covenant. Through that act of sexual intercourse, they remind themselves of their agreement (unconsciously) to be one in body, soul and spirit. This is the original purpose of God and that is why sex is permitted within the boundaries of marriage.

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However, spiritual principles are inviolable, therefore when sex is performed outside the borders of marriage, that exchange still occurs involuntarily. It is the devil who is the chief advocate of this cause. “Can two walk together except they are agreed?” That is why there are lots of disagreements today because people break the covenants they made by engaging in sex with multiple partners.

If the young boy or girl, single man and woman and married couples can understand this, then they would be able to escape all manner of sexual immoralities. Apostle Paul explained this truth when He said “Do you not know that he that is joined to a harlot is one body?” Harlotry was common in their days but today sexual immortality has gone beyond that scope.
You don’t have any control over this spiritual exchange, it occurs whenever you engage it.

Exchange of spirits:
Have you heard “The physical world is influenced by the spiritual”? Yes, there are invisible spirits that operate and influence the actions and inactions of people. Every man on Earth is subject to certain or certain spirits.

These spirits find expression within the realms of the human spirit, mind, soul etc. as it may apply to your belief.
Human beings are spiritual. When sex occurs, their spirituality is activated and an exchange occurs.

The exchange that occurs is proportional to the influence of the spirit controlling the individuals involved in the act.
Within marriage, the Spirit of God can influence couples (when that institution is based on God’s standards) but outside marriage, it is the demon spirits that are operational in the lives of those who engage in sexual immorality.

A person who is possessed with the spirit of stealing can transfer that spirit to someone who doesn’t have it during unlawful sex. There is no immunity against these transactions because they are beyond the physical.

This is why child of God is admonished to flee sexual immorality because, when the devil(s) successfully penetrate your spirit, there is no restraint to the havoc they can cause. The devil’s aim is always to steal, kill and destroy and many lives have been destroyed today unwittingly due to their sexual escapades.

For the Christian, when you pollute your body, God gives the devil permission to destroy you because He is bound by these principles. Spirits respect principles.
Exchange of Potentials/Destinies.

During sex, you do not have control over your body at the time of intercourse. Sex is done in “nakedness.” This means everything within you is exposed during the moment of sex and evil men/women capitalize on these unguarded moments to initiate some transactions in the lives of the unwary. Do you know why Joseph ran away from Potiphar’s wife? He recognized this esoteric secret and realized the enormous potential and greatness within Him. It would have been unwise to trade it on the laps of a woman who had pernicious motives.

The Bible says “The adulteress will hunt for the precious soul” (Proverbs 6:26).
A man and woman that engages in sex maritally unlock and exchange potentials for greatness but cases of destiny theft are usually recorded in sexual immorality. This is a great mystery.

Many persons have been reduced “piece of bread” whereas they should be been giants. Outwardly, they may reflect signs of being giants but only God knowshow great they would have been if there was no misplacement of their destinies.

The devil hides under this facade to do great damage to young people teeming with vibrant potentials. They are under the illusion that nothing is lost because most times they are “successful” but that success is a mirage compared to their original purposes.

These are some of the significant spiritual exchanges that occur during sexual intercourse between a man and woman. Sex is good and should be desired. There are a lot of scientifically proven physical benefits attached to it as well as spiritual benefits.
However, you should not allow it to be your undoing by buying the lies of the devil behind sexual immorality., God has created a system to manage your body until you’re ready for marriage, you can navigate through the sexual urges that come intermittently by this biological, physical or spiritual systems as is available to you.

The endpoint is that you should aim to glorify God in your body, soul and spirit by escaping the dangers of sexual immorality especially as a young person and importantly for your benefits now and in the future.

By Caleb Elochukwu


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